Guardian Bureau of Shipping LLC, known as G.B.S. was founded in 1999 in Delaware, U.S.A; its international head office is based in ISTANBUL, TURKEY. And other operational offices are structured in GREECE, EGYPT, LEBANON, AND UNITED ARAB EMIRATES.

As an independent Non-Governmental Classification Society with an international network of marine surveyors, G.B.S aims to provide the shipping communities with high quality Classification services within the applicable conditions and in accordance with effective international rules.

We have vast experience for the shipping and other related maritime fields. As we are serving now with many flag administrations from ship registrations to classifications.

General Requirements For Registration

Application to Register a Ship
Declaration of Ownership (to be notarised
Application for Safe Manning Document
Public Utilities Commission Application for a Radio Licence
MMSI Application
Bill of Sale and/or Builders Certificate
Certificate of Company Incorporation (Copy)
Certificate of Good Standing of Owning Company (Original)

General Ship Details

Name of Ship
Usage: Commercial or Non-Commercial
Proposed trade of Ship: Worldwide/Restricted Operation (
State operating area)
Number of Crew Berths 
(including Master)
Number of Passengers
 (If passenger vessels)
Number of Special Personnel
Particulars of Radio Equipment Installed
Radio Accounting Authority Identification Code (AAIC)

Ship Certificates/documents (as applicable)

Certificate of insurance in respect to civil liability for oil pollution damage (CLC)
Survey Certificate and/or copy of Certificate of Registry
Exemption certificates and/or Statements of Equivalencies and/or List of Limitations associated with applicable statutory certificates
International Tonnage Certificate
International Load Line Certificate
Minimum Safe Manning Document
International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate
ISM Code Safety Management Certificate
Passenger Ship Safety Certificate
Special Trade Passenger Ship Space Certificate
List of operational limitations 
(passenger ships)
Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificate
Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificate
Cargo Ship Safety Radio Certificate
Cargo Ship Safety Certificate
Caribbean Cargo Ship Safety Certificate
Document of Compliance for Ships Carrying Dangerous Goods
Document of Authorization for the Carriage of Grain
International Pollution Prevention Certificate for the Carriage of Noxious Liquid
Substance in Bulk (NLS Certificate)

International Certificate of Fitness for the Carriage of Dangerous Chemical in Bulk
International Certificate of Fitness for the Carriage of Liquefied Gasses in Bulk
High Speed Craft Safety Certificate
Permit to operate High Speed Craft
International Certificate of Fitness for the Carriage of INF Cargo
Special Purpose Ship Safety Certificate
Certificate of Fitness for Offshore Support Vessels
Diving System Safety Certificate
Dynamically Supported Craft Construction and Equipment Certificate
Permit to Operate a Dynamically Supported Craft
Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit Safety Certificate
Details of Company (in accordance with ISM Code) with a copy of ISM Code Document of Compliance
Continuous Synopsis Record (
required as of July 1st 2004)
International Ship Security Certificate 
(required as of July 1st 2004)
Details of Company Security Officer, in accordance with ISPS  (
required as of July 1st 2004)


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