Guardian Bureau of Shipping LLC, known as G.B.S. was founded in 1999 in Delaware, U.S.A; its international head office is based in ISTANBUL, TURKEY. And other operational offices are structured in GREECE, EGYPT, LEBANON, AND UNITED ARAB EMIRATES.

As an independent Non-Governmental Classification Society with an international network of marine surveyors, G.B.S aims to provide the shipping communities with high quality Classification services within the applicable conditions and in accordance with effective international rules.

We have vast experience for the shipping and other related maritime fields. As we are serving now with many flag administrations from ship registrations to classifications.

Quality and reliability

Starting from August 2019 
All documents, certificates and authorizations issued by Guardian Bureau of Shipping
It carries an online QR CODE that confirms it was issued by us and shows its numbers and validity.
Therefore, all certificates after August 2019, which do not carry an online QR CODE that related to this official website of ours are  considered fake and we are not responsible for it.

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